Tourism planning

Planning and Research of Rural Tourism in Metropolitan Area of Chongqing

中国足彩网官网首页 Date of preparation: 2014
Project scale: Covering 639 villages in the metropolitan area of Chongqing

The rural tourism in the metropolitan area is the link connecting urban area with rural area, and is also key point of tourism development in Chongqing and has important action and realistic significance for new urbanization construction, farmer’s income increase, agricultural efficiency increase, beautiful rural construction and overall urban and rural development.

This project takes the mountain and water pattern and traffic pattern in the metropolitan area as its background support. According to the spatial distribution pattern of rural tourist resources and products in Chongqing, we put forward the spatial conception of “two-ring, six-belt and 12-cluster” for rural tourist development in the metropolitan area of Chongqing to create the four kinds of diversified rural tourist product system taking sightseeing tour, cultural experience, leisure vacation and festival competition events as key points to form 38 characteristic theme tourist lines. In addition, we deeply discussed the land policy innovation of rural tourism development in the metropolitan area of Chongqing and put forward the assurance measures for rural tourist land in the metropolitan area of Chongqing.