Tourism planning

Detailed Constructive Planning Of 816# Underground Nuclear Project, Fuling District, Chongqing

中国足彩网官网首页 Date of preparation: 2013
Project scale: 4.89ha

This project is used as a key project of the third-line construction, the world heritage and social heritage, taking “nuclear military industry”, “huge artificial tunnel” etc as its key development resources and brand image, and taking third-line culture, Jianfeng culture and 816# project as the background elements. It is adopted with the layout structure of “two corridors, four zones and multi-points” by referring to film shooting method and using scenarios description mode to form a flash-back “cinema story” with rich age memory in the tunnel. It forms special sightseeing experience by digging out its special historical value on the basis of its original realness and history. It guides tourists to go in, return to and feel the special on-site experience through the scenario and process design to form special sightseeing experience.