Planning Design for Improvement and Renovation, Scenic Spot, Black Valley,

中国足彩网官网首页 Compilation Time: 2009
Project Scale: Southern Area, Scenic Spot, Black valley, Overall Length: 6 kilometers
Awarded Status: Second Prize, Municipal Urban Environment and Landscape Planning Category, Chongqing Municipality, 2009

Project Description and Design Characters:
    The upgrading and renovating towards scenic spots caused an improvement to it. On the basis of current landscape facilities we supplement and readjust with a reasonable level. In terms of design, we strictly obey principle—“Better not move soli, cut mountain as well as add artificial landscape.”, and focused on improving quality of spots, comfortable level of human being.

     Setting Yelang ethnic tale and bamboo as cultural essence, legend about water and mountainous landscape as design theme, based on topographic feature of site, dynamic natural landscape environment, we form a particular landscape that has multiple layers by integrating abundant activity projects and using multiple design methods. In such a case, tourists have an access to obtain a wonderful experience to culture related to mountain and water. According to overall thinking, main line existed within design would be going through many impressive, amazing legends and stories so as to integrate this project into landscape design; highlight design theme—legend about water and mountain; innovate a special poetic imagery “tales delivering landscape, landscape delivering tales” “tales is in each of your step, legends is everywhere”. 

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