Glorious events

In March, Chongqing Runhouse design studio established.

In September, Wuyi Eco Plaza, Changsha, Hunan, RHS won the bid and the plaza has been built, which started the early ecological exploration of RHS.

In January, Chongqing Runhouse Urban Planning & Design Co., Ltd established.
In May, Chongqing Fu Ling Eco Sports Plaza Design (40,000 square meters) won the first bid as it is the first time to use CFD wind field simulation technique in the southwest of China for preliminary analysis, and has been completed.
In July, Liang Ping Hardware Area, Chongqing site plan and Yu Jiang Road, Ping Jin, Liang Ping site plan won the third prize of Small Town Design Award 2001, which is the first time that RHS won provincial-level design award.

In May, Cangxi Master Plan Update, Guangyuan, Sichuan - the first time to use ecological considerations as the main line for preparing the master plan.

In July, "Old Town Regeneration of Pingjin township, Liangping, Chongqing" won the first prize of Small Town Design Award for it is the first time to use the CFD wind field simulation technology in the early analysis.

In March, successfully translated the design classics "architecture, arts, similarity, relation" "Renovation and Renewal of loft design" by the invitation of Chinese Architecture Industry Press.
In May, Chongqing Roge Landscape Architecture Design & Construction Co., Ltd established.
In May, the website of RHS ---WWW. established, which means the steps of banding started.
In June, RHS first proposed Ecological Development Mechanism of “strive for future".

In April, Chongqing Bendao Internet Technology Co., Ltd. and town planning website ( WWW.UPLA.CN ) established.
In June, successfully translated World Architecture Collection of outstanding works--"Murphy Young Architects", "COX Architects Office "by the invitation of Chinese Architecture Industry Press.
In July, RHS completes the company logo registration and Internet domain name protection.
In July, brought in OA office information system, proposed "integrated enterprise management system," thinking, and achieved the initial eco-office environment.
In August, RHS and Haowen Watanabe, Mr. Junming Naruse on behalf of the Japanese National Environmental Research Institute discussed the examples of wind tunnel development.

In May, RHS institutions inspected construction of eight cities in Australia.
In June, based on the special research of the town in Chongqing and spirit of socialist new countryside, after several changes, the "village style design Guide " finally published by Chongqing Municipal Construction Commission and prepared by Chongqing Runhouse Urban Planning & Design Co., Ltd.
In July, "Urban Planning Network" (WWW.UPLA.CN) website to build a successfully build a trade portal of urban planning in China, the first rank in the industry with the first hits.

In February, "RHS business models and mechanisms" – the new business management model of RHS to determine the strategic direction of "build the business model of RHS with the three long-term mechanism", to set up the network organization, to establish RHS’ open sustainable development platform.
In April, 7 planning experts from Germany investigated RHS organized by stadtkultur international. German side outlined the successful transformation experience of the Ruhr industrial area; and discussed the old industrial area regeneration with RHS, proposed recommendations related to ecological restoration, environmental management, and economic analysis.
In May, RHS visited International Enterprise Singapore, Urban Renewal Authority, Singapore Exchange, visit the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce&Industry, Housing Development Board, and high-tech enterprises in Singapore – NEWater plant.
In August, RHS did investigation in Canada, visited the internationally renowned architectural firm Zeidler Partnership Architects, We Architects Anonymous, IBI Group, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, communicated with the well-known developer Bentall by visiting the largest IKO roofing tile system, ICYLEN external wall insulation project in North American, and investigated the most advanced project in North America Simon Fraser University City (Green Building and Sustainable Community Development).
In October, commissioned by the government of Fu Ling District, Chongqing Runhouse Urban Planning & Design Co., Ltd formulated the "Zhongke modern agricultural ecological park plan, Fu Ling District."
In November, RHS formulated the first green space plan in Chongqing - "green space construction plan of Da dukou district”. The plan clearly states that it is different with the urban planning. It caught the highly attention of the Dadukou District, Chongqing and the national wide media. And also, there are special reports in dozens of medias, such as government website of Dadukou District, government website of the Chongqing, Chongqing Evening News, People, Xinhua Net, etc.

In June, U.S. architectural firm BCRA visited RHS.
In July, RHS arrived in Shanghai to visit MulvannyG2 Architecture, Synthesis Shanghai, DHV (Shanghai), RTKL.
In September, RHS attend the "2008 Annual Meeting of Chinese urban planning." in Dalian. It is the large-scale annual academic exchange held by Urban Planning Society of China, the theme of that year is "ecological civilization, Urban and Rural Planning."
In October, invited by International Trade Association of Taiwan, RHS visited Taipei, Gaoxiong, Taidong, Hualian and other cities to study their constructions, especially in Taiwan Alishan, Sun Moon Lake, Kending, Taroko and other famous scenic spots, rural eco-tourism.
In October, RHS exchanged and communicated with the well-known design agency in Taiwan-- Chen Guangxiong eco-planning firm;
In October, RHS started the cooperation with MAKE which was named one of the world's most admired UK's top five firms in 2008.
In November, RHS attended the "Sino-British Workshop on Sustainable green building technologies" organized by the UK Trade & Investment and the Chongqing Municipal Construction Commission. In the meeting, RHS communicated with many company from UK, such as Fu Kun engineering consulting firm, Hyder Consulting Ltd., BioRegional Development Group and a number of well-known ecological planning and architectural design company.
In November, invited by British Consulate in Chongqing, RHS attended the Thames Eco-valley International Forum in Landon, and studied about 20 internationally renowned eco-design and consulting firms, lasts two weeks.
In December, RHS leaded the master plan revision of Zhenxiong which is the most populous county in Yunnan.
In December, RHS leaded the master plan revision of Ecological County next to Jinsha River in Yunnan - Qiaojia County master plan revision.

In February, RHS clearly stated the vision of "eco-design expert" and the mission of "Design of operational experts" mission; and held a "green technology management process optimization ground discussion" the initial specified the implementation and work plans in ecological planning and green design.
In March, RHS established eco-design division, specified its functions and work, further clarified relevant policies.
In April, the Chairman of RHS was elected to be the member of the ISOCARP (The International Society of City and Regional Planners).
In May, RHS attended the "Japanese urban planning, high-rise building and green building design and decoration referral Exchange" invited by the Japanese International Trade Promotion Association and the Chongqing Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Commission. As Japan is an earthquake-prone country, the advanced technology about construction related earthquake mitigation was introduced.
In May, RHS won the tender of "the building design and landscape design projects of scenic spots reconstruction and national AAAA level scenic spots creation in Tangjiahe."
In July, RHS undertook the project of Eco-landscape regeneration for Ulan Lake, Inner Mongolia.
In July, RHS attended the "2009 International Forum on Urban Development and Planning" in Harbin, widely exchanged the domestic and international experiences of urban planning and sustainable development.
In September, RHS won the international tender of "Gaofeng Urban Design, Dianjiang, Chongqing," held by Chongqing Planning Bureau. It showed that RHS has achieved initial results of the green technology research.
In September, RHS attended the "2009 Annual meeting of Urban Planning in China" in Tianjing and visited the new Tianjin Eco-city construction.
In October, "low-carbon Chinese" (WWW.UPLA.CN) established by the updating and facelift of the original Urban Planning Network. It is committed to be the international portal of urban and rural ecological construction, divided into low-carbon planning, low-carbon design, low -carbon technique and low-carbon product. At present, it has 130,000 existing registered members.
In November, RHS won the international tender of the "Urban Design of Eastern Central Longgang, Dazhu" held by Chongqing Urban Planning Bureau, which shows the gratifying achievements, industrial recognitions in using green concept to guide planning and design.
In November, RHS attended "The first eco-city development seminar--The establishment of the General Assembly and Youth Committee" held by Ecological Urban Research Urban Studies Professional Committee, in solar city—Dezhou, Shandong. The general manager of RHS was elected to be the vice chairman of the youth committee.
In November, RHS visited the Caofeidian eco-city and studied its construction.
In December, RHS established the Department of International Cooperation.

In March, the world's first zero carbon community author, designer - BioRegional formally settled in RHS in Chongqing, successfully approached office, resource sharing and mutual learning. BioRegional development group is an independent environmental organization in UK, experienced in the bold and innovative sustainable development projects' demonstration, development and operation. Its scope includes forestry, bio-energy, paper, textiles, green transportation, green lifestyle, eco-housing and sustainable community development. Some well-known projects of which include: the UK's largest zero-energy community-BedZED; sustainable development strategy of London 2012 Olympic Games; operations and product plans of B & Q sustainable chain; and "a life on Earth," the global network of sustainable community development building.
In March, RHS submit the design of poetry as Chongqing is the first low-carbon Park in southwestern.
In March, RHS attended the China & Italy Building Society Group Promotion of Chongqing
In March, RHS attended the China International Fair of Green Building in Beijing.
In April, the largest environmental organizations in Japan - on behalf of the global village Tomoko Nishino institutions were invited to visit RHS, communicated low carbon living issues.
In April, two representatives of University of Ottawa visited RHS.
In April, RHS undertook the Wenchuan Earthquake Rehabilitation Project - Qingchuan master plan revision.
In May, RHS started the cooperation with Canadian company--OMEGA VISION Associates in ecological community project.
In May, RHS formally entered into the MOU communication phase with BioRegional.
In May, RHS began to preparing for the setting up of mountain ecological urban design study group of China Urban Studies, and formulating the mountainous ecological urban design and construction management liaison of the six provinces in southwest of China.
In June, 40 staffs of RHS divided in two groups visited the World Expo in Shanghai to study the future low-carbon development path.
In June, RHS delegation attended the Urban Development and Planning Conference 2010, in Qinhuangdao.
In June, general manager of RHS attended the first Standing Committee Meeting of Chinese Society for Urban Studies (CSUS)-Professional Committee of Ecological Urban Studies.
In June, compiled by China Society for Urban Studies, the fist "low-carbon eco-city in China Development Report 2010" recently been successfully published by the China Building Industry Press; RHS as one of the compiling units undertook the special practice "the practice of building eco-city of Chongqing," in the practice and explore part.
In June, RHS officially launched the preparation of "Ecological Design Manual", covering urban planning, architecture, landscape and other professionals. In June, Royal Danish Consulate in Chongqing brought Miss. Mariager on behalf of Danish Energy Management visited RHS by invitation to discuss the co-operation.
In July, the International Cooperation Department of RHS was invited to attend the two-day architectural design workshop and a series of activities, co-sponsored by UK Trade & Investment and Royal Institute of Architects.
In July, "Tangjiahe scenic spots reconstruction and national AAAA level aimed scenic spots building and landscape design project" of Qingchuan, Sichuan, designed by RHS, won the first prize of urban environment and landscape plan part in Chongqing.
In July, on behalf of the world's top five-University College of London (UCL), Professor of Architecture and Urban Design - Allen. Payne, Business Development Director - David. Cobb visited RHS.
In August, RHS and BioRegional UK signed MOU.
In August, RHS attended the wood seminar in Chongqing Harbor Plaza Hotel, sponsored by the Canadian Consulate in Chongqing.
In September, RHS and Canadian Consulate General in Chongqing began the preparations for Chongqing Low Carbon Forum of Canadian National Housing Agency.
In September, RHS attended the "Chinese-British Seminar on Green & Low-carbon Sustainable Urban Design " organized by the UK Trade & Investment Department and the Urban Planning Bureau of Chongqing; and communicated with David Lock Associates, Halcrow Group and a number of well-known ecological planning and consulting company.
During 20th, and 21st, Sep., 2010, Bioregional experts and RHS reps to attend the event “International seminar — Green low-carbon city construction, china, 2010.”
During 25th, and 26th, Sep., 2010, RHS reps participate in the research activities in Shenzhen station, which organized by professional committee in researching Chinese ecological cities,
On 18th, Oct., 2010, designer for the U.K. pavilion, EXPO, 2010. ——WYG----visit RHS with the invitation sent from the part of RHS. This is a well-known British institute organization specialized in providing services on architectural and engineering consultancy sectors.
During 15th, and 17th, Oct., 2010, delegate of RHS take part in the annual planning conference, china, 2010
On 22nd, Oct., 2010, RHS reps participate in” seminar for self-innovation, application on SuperMap GIS,2010.”
On 22nd, Oct., 2010, RHS staff interview renowned Danish Energy Management(DEM ), after we know more basic information and managerial method for founding a better basis for future cooperation between two sides.
During 3rd, and 4th, Nov., 2010, RSH delegation attends the 7th international green living forum, Chengdu, 2010.
During 8th and 15th, Nov., 2010, RHS chairman arrives in Denmark and meet officially with DEM chief.
On 9th, Nov., 2010, Reps under website ( part in “fourth Chinese patented week and trade fair for showing patented technology in china.
From 21st to 22nd, Nov., 2010, RHS organization participates in “ first academic seminar for eco-city development and Foundation of youth team.
On 10th, Dec., 2010, Primary representative in Danish architecture practice (Schmidt-Hammer-Lassen), Mrs Lurong visits and inspects RHS organization.
Due to formal invitation, RHS attended the foundation ceremony initiated by Green building committee, Chongqing city.

On 17th, Feb., 2011, one corporation under administration of RHS, Runhouse urban design and planning company, successful authorized the first grade qualification by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction, China.
On 22nd, Feb., 2011, David cash and Qu Zheng, who are both from BDP architects practice in the U.K., are respectively international cooperative director and chief representative in Chinese region, inspect RHS.
On 25th, Feb., 2011, an academic communication involved ecological planning and design, is ongoing between RHS and CISDI.
On 5th, Mar., 2011, a delegation within RHS represented by general manager attended and addressed a speech in seminar, the commercial cooperation( Chongqing---EU) for fostering talents.
On 21st, Mar., 2011, General manager of RHS, Liu Jun, takes part in the meeting” explanation for the twelfth five years plan, china “ organized by Danish embassy.
On 22nd, Mar., 2011, Due to particular invitation Liu Jun RHS, General manager, joins in a banquet for welcoming minister of U.K. investment trade union to visit Chongqing city.
On 22nd, Mar., 2011, David Knowles, director of PRS (well-known executive research firm), interviews RHS.
On 25th, Mar., 2011, Bendao website successfully applies “approval certificate on running added-value business on Chinese telecommunication sector “and qualifies a legal certificate for on line trading.
On 26th, Mar., 2011, RHS general manager selected as the professional commissioner to attend annual conference, professional committee of historical cities, Chongqing planning academy.
On 14th, Apr., 2011, Danish Management Group pays a return visit (DEM) to RHS. The theme of this conference is focusing on cooperative trend on B2B between two sides, and then we separate and refine responsibilities in each of our future phase, defining the job and occupational descriptions of each staff who will be involved in this programme.
On 18th, Apr., 2011, staff from RHS, DMG interviews Chongqing star energy construction energy conservation technology co., Ltd located in Neptunian industrial zone.
On 18th, Apr., 2011, staff from RHS and DMG interviews Chongqing Construction Energy Efficiency Center.
On 19th, Apr., 2011, staff from RHS and DMG interviews Danish consulate in Chongqing city.
On 19th, Apr., 2011, staff from RHS and DMG interviews Chongqing Rongke Guangkong Development Co., Ltd.
On19th, May., 2011, RHS attended the “14th Chongqing international investment and global procurement conference” and tech-forum for international green and low-carbon buildings.
June, 2011, in memory of the 90th annual meeting of the foundation of Chinese communist party, RHS communist branch reviewed the red experienced journey in line from Xian to Yanan.
On 15th, June, 2011, RHS negotiate with companies of PRS executive search, HR Associates (HK) Limited, in order to found a joint venture for paving a path to success for all potential entrepreneurs in design sector.
On 18th, June, 2011, Bonin tourism company ( one subsidiary of RHS) participate in the 2nd industrial EXPO on western tourism in china.
21st, June, 2011, Reps from Danish royal design practice, marketing supervisor Lu junliang and Project supervisor Lu Rong, visit RHS.
On 23rd, June, 2011, one first successful communist party deputy conference initiated within RHS.
27th, June, 2011, director and general manager David from interior design company in the U.K (DISCOVER MR SMITH) interview RHS firstly.
On 28th, June, 2011, By responding an official invitation, RHS Reps attend an event— Canadian foundation ceremony—that organized by Canadian consulate.
From 27th to 28th, 2011, RHS staff involve in “Yangzhou urban development and planning conference” and discuss some crucial issues with designers all over the world.
July, 2011, Party branch under RHS awarded by Industrial and commercial association with a series of prized, such as advanced party organization, excellent party organizer, excellent communist member. On the competition of 90th anniversary party history, RHS win the fourth grade prize.
On 29th, July, 2011, experts in Japanese environmental sector, YUKIHIRO SATO, KATSU KITANO, visit RHS and offer some precious suggestions for Eco-mall on line.
On 19th, AUG., 2011, RHS representatives attended the themed forum— sustainable development and Eco-city construction — jointly organized by both Bioregional company and Chongqing planning research center.
23rd, Aug., 2011, Reps from APLA website attended Chinese internet conference, witnessing the five highlights of this advanced conference.
31st, Aug., 2011, RHS officially initiate RHS sustainable design center which consists of Lab.c ( architectural and urban design laboratory) workshop, eco-research center, BIM workshop, and BIM workshop, in such a case, a core team covered passive design, knowledge collection, and analysis technique, finish sustainable holistic design together.
20th, Sep., 2011, RHS participates in Chinese urban planning annual meeting.
27th, Sep., 2011, Rob Harrison and Young Wei-Yang Chiu, they all come from British Norman foster practice to exchange industrial information with RHS
On October, 2011, staff represented RHS takes part in green building conference in Canada, and join in an inspection interview journey jointly organized by both Canadian consulate and related Research institutes.
During 5th to 8th, Oct., 2011, RHS participates in the third exchanging conference for supporting agriculture (abbreviation—CSA) among national communities
On 18th, Oct., 2011, RHS deputy attended the second international self-driving travelling trade symposium, china.
On 18th, Oct., 2011, metropolitan conference for urban development organized by British “Financial Times”, RHS attended this meeting with an invitation from related departments.
From 24th to 27th, Nov., 2011, DEM trainer, Mogens, conducted a training to RHS staff which lasts four days.
29th, Nov., 2011, Mrs Helen, researcher of CAR (Cambridge Architecture Research), visits RHS.
12th, Dec., 2011, a representative of RHS participates in cocktail party for celebrating Christmas day in Chongqing intercontinental hotel.
On 16th, Dec., 2011, Spanish SHIFTVIEW design practice hold a meeting with RHS to recommend each other’s business status.
26th, Dec., 2011, commercial commissary on behalf of The Urbanists company, The U.K. , Yao dongni, visits RHS.
On 27th, Dec., 2011, results of annual municipal excellent planning design projects unveiled, RHS gained five prizes, amid these prizes, urban design for Liangping Shuanggui Lake awarded first grade honor.
December, 2011, Delegation of RHS attends second Chinese traditional and innovative architecture seminar, which initiated theme included life, creation and influence. Besides, the first Luo Zhewen prize awarding ceremony is held.

On 3rd, Feb., 2012, Cloud Computing plan transmission in Chinese western region associated with united development center to develop a first meeting in Chongqing. As the first associated unit, Bendao internet company also involved in the Cloud Computing plan.
On 17th, Feb., 2012, Reps of British design group(Red Box Design Group)that included Alan J.smith( chairman), Barry ( general manager), Li tiantian (researching director) come to visit RHS with Jake, who is a director of two rivers technology company
On 10th, Feb., 2012, Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, takes his wife Mrs. Laureen Harper officially visit china. RHS general manager Liu Jun invited by Canadian consulate to join in dinner in Shangri-La hotel, Guangzhou city.
On 28th, Feb., 2012, Cai Yun lake, national level marshland park which RHS involved part of planning and design, is officially awarded and become the first group that authorized as national level marshland park, at the same time, is the first completed national marshland park in Chongqing city.
On 2nd, Mar., 2012, RHS participate in design training course (Building Information Modeling) and its theme is about building life cycle.
On 9th, Mar., 2012, professor Luo guanglian, who is the deputy director, faculty of national country and planning on urban and rural areas , Chongqing industrial and commercial university, striving for her doctorial degree in southwest university. Due to receiving invitation from RHS Luo holds a training course within RHS that entitled as clarification for relationship between land development utilizing and urban planning.
From 10th to 11th, 2012, RHS reps attended the course — forum for exchanging suggestions on establishing enterprising system — held by Chang Song consultancy firm.
From 24th to 28th , 2012, amid the pilot project of B2B----two consultants( pia, janni) from DEM to conduct a particular training course that lasts for five days.
During 13th to 14th , 2012,chief director Martine and director of international cooperative division Yao dongni inspect in Chongqing city and visit RHS again, both of them represented British Urbanists firm.
From 25th to 27th, 2012, RHS attend national soil management seminar held in Yubei district, Chongqing, and this event organized by China Society of Territorial Economists.
On 5th, May., 2012, leaded by Luo congmin, who is the chief of educational department in Yunnan province, an interview team visit RHS. Reps from RHS and Danish consulate organize this reception event to welcome them.
At afternoon on 5th, MAY, 2012, the 90th anniversary meeting in memory of Chinese Communist Youth League foundation, Chongqing, is held in municipal party auditorium. Liu Jun, RHS general manager and one deputy of Junior Chamber of Commerce participated in this event with an invitation.
On 5th, May., 2012, Chinese internet seminar is held in Hangzhou city on 8th, May, 2012, Reps from APLA website invited to attend this conference.
On 11st, MAY, 2012, Doctor Yuli, director of international planning research center in university Cardiff, visits RHS and holds salon called as"critical analysis towards Chinese eco-towns, and international eco-city’s development"
Leaded by He zhiya who is the leader of standing committee of Chongqing historic and cultural city, an inspected team, visit RHS on 11st, May.
Between 11st and 13rd, May, The 3rd international symposium on science of human settlements in mountain region was held in Chongqing University. RHS actively participated in this brilliant event.
On 11st, MAY, 2012, Chongqing municipal government cooperated with Finland embassy in china, and Finnish Foreign Trade Association to initiate this seminar in Chongqing Hilton hotel—Chongqing and Finland Clean technologies and seminar for developing green city.
On 14th, MAY, 2012, Chongqing municipal government cooperated with Danish consulate in Chongqing to host a conference—Chongqing - Danish nursing industry forum and business negotiations, 2012. RHS sent staff to take part in this meeting.
On 17th, May., 2012, RHS Reps attended the 15th trade fair conference"cooperative forum for green building industry between china and America."
On 1 st, June, 2012, by responding the slogan—Enterprises contribute its Benevolence and care about the stay-at-home children, initiated by Chongqing Youth Commercial Association, RHS donate Chongqing Youth Development Funding with RMB 10 thousand for supporting the Benevolence project concerned to the Children who left in Changshou district.
Between 8 th and 11 th, June, 2012, RHS Communist Party Branch go to Guilin city and do an interview.
Between 13 th and 15 th, June, 2012, RHS take part in an senior seminar that is focusing on themes such as, Experiences of Application of Cloud Computing, as well as Integrated Advanced Technique on both Design and Management.
Between 12 th and 13 th, June,2012, RHS attend the Urban Development and Planning Conference, 2012.
On 27 th, July, 2012, the second RHS karaoke Competition successfully held.
During 23rd and 24 th, August, 2012, RHS reps participate in Implementation Conference—Design Code, Heating and Ventilation System on Residential Buildings and Air Adjustment.
During 27 th, August, and 11th, September, 2012, RHS invite Canadian Experts, Fannis(Founder of Fused Grid Theory) and Gord (Professor from UBC), to communicate with all staff.
On 10 th, September, 2012, RHS donate to Yiliang county in Yunnan province with RMB 50 thousand for providing relief to this disaster area via the Branch of Hunan Commercial Chamber located in Yunnan Province.
On 8 th, September, 2012, Reps from, take part in the Nineth Global Network Commerce Conference.
Between 10th and 11th, September, 2012, Aunnual Congress for Urban Planning Association is held in Xian city, the particular subsidiary of RHS, Runhouse Urban Design and Planning Co.,Ltd, win the two prizes of Nationwide Planning and Design Prize on Urban and Rural Areas,2011
On 28th, September, 2012, by fouding a joint team, both RHS and Canadian Urban Planning and Design Institute(URBAN STRATEGIES) work together to compile the Urban Design Proposal in Core Zone,Western Logistics Park, Suining City, Sichuan Province.
On 7th, October, 2012, commissioned by Yiliang township authority, RHS involve in the Restoration Planning after Earthquake in Settlements including both Luohe Town and Da zai Area, local authority also praised our excellent work on creating and reporting this three parcicular initial project plans.
On 11 th, October, 2012, Danish Low-carbon Building Seminar, which jointly organized by multiple parts including DEM,RHS, Faculty of Urban Planning and Architecture as well as Faculty of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering, successfully held in campus of Chongqing University and its theme is focusing on Low-carbon Buidling Solution Scheme. Besides,more than one hundred relevant experts, scholars, students and employees were attracted to join in this seminar.
On 8 th, October, 2012, DEM(Danish Energy Management) conduct the third training course under B2B programme to RHS.
During 17 th and 19 th, October, 2012, RHS reps go to attend the Annual Urban Planning Conference, 2012, China, which held in Kunming city this time.
On 26th, October, 2012, RHS Autumn Sports Meeting successfully complete.
Between 31st on October and 1st on November, 2012, China Certification Center Inc., has been executing an inspection of quality management system which last two days to Chongqing Darde Architectural Design Co.,Ltd.
On 1st, November, 2012, building structural designers from Chongqing Darde Architectural Design Co.,Ltd., participate in implementation conference for promoting the latest national standard on building structural load standard.
On 3rd, November, 2012, RHS invite professional designer from the Urbanists Design Institute, James, come to china and inspect our project site where suffered from earchquake in Yiliang county, Yunnan province.
On 20 th, Novemver,2012, Susidiaries of RHS, both Runhouse Urban Planning and Design Co., Ltd and Darde Architectural Design Co.,Ltd., officially pass the annual inspectation and approval organized by China Certification Center Inc.
On 26 th, November,2012, RHS attend the Chongqing-Denmark Cooperation Forum on Nursing Homes.
On 26th, November,2012, as one of the top ten historical and cultural tourism projects, Master Planning of Yuanmou Ancient Human Culture and Tourism that compiled by RHS officially pass the experts’s appraisement.